Specialty Paints

These paints are so cool we couldn't pass them up! Even though you may not be familiar with these options, these new options in painting can light a fire under your creativity. We offer lots of demos featuring our specialty products, so you can come in and see what they are all about. 

Pebeo Fantasy Paints & Resins 

Full line of colors, raised edged panels and jewelry findings to make your own resin bracelets, earrings and rings.

Fine Art Spray Paint
We don't have a huge display of these paints, but we do carry some of the most popular colors and metallics so you can add this Banksy look to your art using masking tape or stencils.

Liquid Metals

These rich and lustrous faux-metallic colors give projects a touch of elegance with great coverage and durability. Perfect for signs, murals, sculptures, crafts, stage designs, and art projects, these acrylics can create any metallic effect desired. They are acid-free and come in convenient clear jars for easy access to paint. The 6-color set includes .75 oz. jars of antique gold, Aztec gold, bronze, copper, gold and silver.