Next Drawing Demo is Saturday August 3, Noon-2.
First Saturday Demos are free and open to the public.

Julia Carpenter will be demoing our give-away item for August... a Pentalic Woodless Charcoal Pencil. Yay!

AND she will also show you one of her favorite drawing tools ever, a Nitram Drawing Sylus. We would be remiss in our duties to not make you aware of this pretty amazing drawing tool that really sets the bar for artists worldwide. Come see what it is all about and give it a try!

Challenge Artists: The Art Supply goodie is available to you any time you want to drop in to ARTspot. The give-away changes every month! Come and get’em!

The 2019 ARTspot Draw-Every-Day challenge


The 2019 ARTspot Draw-Every-Day challenge
is a great value! $125.99 Includes all of this:

1: The Kit
A year’s worth of Pentalic 365 sketchbooks!
Staedler Mars Technico Pencil
KUM Two step sharpener with lead pointer
$64 Value

2: Two more outdoor sketching events
These group outings will be headed up by professional ARTspot artists
June 29 with Julia carpenter
September 28 with tracy felix

Each session is valued at $75

3: Save 10% on all your purchases at artspot
through november 30

4: FREE Monthly art supply Goodies
Free gifts for our sketchers at ARTspot offers even More value for all participating artists.

5: Participation in the pentalic 365 project which offers a chance to win prizes of art supplies direct from pentalic to artists posting online

6: Wrap up party
Drawing-a-Day party for all participants January 2020

Join the growing number of people developing skills as sketchbook artists!

At ARTspot, we want to help participating artists to flourish. No matter your skill level, or whether you have an hour to paint or ten minutes to sketch, the challenge is simply to pick up your sketchbook once a day. We will send you suggested prompts monthly and publicly showcase the art from those participating in the challenge through Facebook and Instagram.

ARTspot will be with you all the way!

We will be in touch with you to make sure you know when to come in for your monthly FREE Gift. We will also send reminders of the drawing sessions. Of course we are here seven days a week if you want to come by and show us what you are doing, need a little inspiration or advice.

you have the option to share your work with Draw-every-day artists all over the world!

Artist communities all over Facebook and Instagram are supporting one another through positive feedback and constructive criticism.
Instagram: We invite our ARTspot Sketchbook Artists to post to #pentalic365 Instagram. With this account we challenge artists to create art every day. Already this community has a healthy following of individuals supporting each other and sharing their work with the world using the hashtag #pentalic365. Our goal with the Pentalic 365 is to connect artists and allow them to celebrate one another in their growth and daily victories. Whether they started on day one of 2018 or they begin day 149, all are welcome to grow with us. Instagram link click here.
FaceBook: We will create a Facebook page for our “Group.” If you are facebook-y, you can post away and check it out to see what every one else in the group is doing. We love Facebook because it helps us all keep in touch, offer encouragement, and toot our horns. Yay!
Participation online is NOT required. If you want to just draw, draw, draw and not post - that is no problem at all!

There are no Rules, just creativity

We encourage you to attempt to draw everyday, but even if you don’t, we hope you will be drawing more than you may have otherwise. Keep at it the best you can! There are no rules as to subject matter or materials. Heck, paint or journal or write poetry in your journal if you want!

Image capture from the #pentalic365 instagram site.

Image capture from the #pentalic365 instagram site.

What's included? 

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 3.43.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.01.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 3.58.27 PM.png
Ron Stocke instructing an artist during a Seattle Sketchers event.

Ron Stocke instructing an artist during a Seattle Sketchers event.

 Processed with Rookie Cam

ARTspot 365 Drawing Kit.

  • 4 Black 5.5" x 8.5" 67 lb. (100 gsm) AF Hardbound 365 Sketchbook 160 Pages, 4 Book Value Pack Features:

    • Customizable hardbound cover

    • 5.5" x 8.5" ivory colored paper

    • 67 lb. (100 g/m2) smooth surface acid free paper

    • Perfect for pen and dry media

    • Economical value pack allows artist to sketch freely at a low cost

    • Elastic corner closer keeps book intact during transport

    • 160 micro-perforated pages per book

    • 4 books per value pack

    • 640 total pages

  • Staedtler Technico Lead Holders - the ultimate drawing instrument

    Lead holders featuring a long finger grip which correctly places the center of gravity near the drawing surface, a comfortable easy-to-grab, knurled finger grip, a pocket clip and a lead pointer in the top. A super-lock clutch firmly grips the lead to eliminate unwanted movement. For use with all standard (2 mm.) leads.

  • KUM Automatic Sharpener with Lead Pointers - our most popular sharpener

    This sharpener makes long pencil point in two steps. The automatic brake prevents over sharpening. It includes lead pointers for 2mm and 3.2mm leads and Includes two spare blades.

  • FREE Art Supply Goodie once a month February-December. We will surprise you!

Two more drawing sessions!

Three outdoor sketching events with ARTspot/Cole Art Studio instructors. You will get an hour of instruction, and then folks can disperse to draw around town, at the beach or at one of our coffee shops, parks… lots of places in charming Edmonds!
March 30: We had a great time with award winning artist and author Ron Stocke. Ron is represented by Cole Gallery here in Edmonds - stop in and see his incredible watercolor paintings there.
June 29: Be inspired by accomplished artist and ARTspotter Julia Carpenter. Julia also teaches drawing and painting at the Seattle Art Institute and the Kirkland Art Center.
September 28: ARTspot owner Tracy Felix
Are you up for one or all three? ALL are included ! We will be in touch with you for RSVP’s and details on where to meet. Instruction for each session will be Noon-1. Instructors will be available from 1-2. Artists are welcome to extend their drawing time or gather at one of our local pubs afterwards.

Plus discounts & a party!

  • 10% off at ARTspot for the duration of the Challenge. Includes everything in the store except Clearance items. Yup, you get the discount from the time you sign up through November 30, 2019.

  • Drawing-Every-Day Wrap Up Party January 2020. We’ll get together and celebrate at the Cole Art Studio. Bring your sketchbooks to “show and tell.” Party is currently scheduled for Saturday, January 4th. A family friendly event.

  • AND Advice and encouragement from the staff at ARTspot on how to work with your medium of choice, or ideas of new things to try. A great opportunity to experiment with sketching materials and subject matter too.

you are officially invited to join us in the drawing revolution! join us anytime throughout the year!

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.52.05 PM.png
  • Sign up now online by clicking the black button just below, call us at 425-640-6408 or come in to register in person at ARTspot.

  • Kits ARE READY NOW! Come to the store to pick up your kit and start drawing! We are open Monday-Saturday 10-6. Sundays 11-4. You can begin your drawings as soon as you pick up your kit.

  • Sorry, no returns or refunds for the Challenge. Clearance items are not included in 10% discount.

  • Other than that... have at it!! Use all the stuff in the kit, or just one favorite pen. Any technique or materials are allowed. It is wide open. If you want to try it, do it!

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 4.11.35 PM.png

What should I draw?

Anything. Everything! Once a month we will post a Pentalic365 Prompt to try new subject matter. We promise they will inspire you! Prizes are awarded monthly for artists who post at #pentalic365. For a glimpse of the variety of artist's work online: Click this link to hundreds of images from other participating artists, and see past monthly prompts.

What’s your thing? Portraiture, streetscapes, still life, fantasy/manga, or even something that explores patterns like mandalas. You can add color if you want. Switch gears to try different techniques or subject matter as you become inspired by other people's drawings. That's the benefit of us all doing this together! 

If you do not complete a drawing everyday - that's OK! However many you do may be more than you may have done otherwise. You get to keep the selection of art supplies from the kit to use long after the Challenge is over. We recommend drawing whenever it seems like the thing to keep you sane, or happy... or both!

Participation on #pentalic365 Instagram is not required.

Sponsored by your independent local art supply store in partnership with Cole Art studio and pentalic Quality Sketchbooks.

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