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The 2016 ARTspot Challenge is underway. You can still join in! Challenge ends August 31st, so there is still time to get your art self happening.  This one  is all about PROCESS. It is intended to help you move your painting process forward in a major way. 
       What's up? Paint over a single canvas up to 30 times. Really! Artists currently working on this are claiming it is liberating, informative and important. Interestingly, only women artists have taken on this challenge! What's up with that? C'mon guys! We all celebrate together on August 31st at a blow out party "The Great Reveal!"
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       Click here to read Emily Hills latest column "Artfully Edmonds" about the Paint-Over Challenge!

ARTSPOT  & Cole ARt studio have teamed up to offer you the best art instruction in the area.   CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FULL LINEUP OF CLASSES....

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